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By August 1995, John Coleman had lost his power of speech and was wondering how he could go on living.  Suffering symptoms of stage IV Parkinson’s disease and early-stage Multi-system Atrophy, diagnosed by five medical and complementary practitioners, he was unable to walk more than 5 metres without assistance, and took up to an hour and a half to dress himself.

Here are more details of what you will get from "Rethinking Parkinson's Disease".
RETHINKING PARKINSON’S DISEASE – the definitive guide to the known causes of Parkinson’s disease and proven reversal strategies.

By purchasing and reading my book, you affirm that you understand that the information contained therein is not a substitute for expert medical or complementary health care and you will consult a doctor or other suitably qualified healthcare professional should you have any health concerns at any time. 

You hereby waiver and release John C Coleman ND from all liability, past, present, and future relating to use or misuse of any and all information contained within “Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease” and all other information on this site.

This is, to date, the most thorough exploration of the aetiological pathways (causes) leading to diagnosis with Parkinson's disease or similar neurological disorders.


The book explains how and why trauma, toxins and stealth infections create symptoms diagnosed as a "disease", usually then treated without any further investigation into prodromal history, early life, toxic load or the possibility of infection.


The major section of this work details strategies to create wellness and reverse the illness processes, much available to patients with little or no cost. There are sections on Western Allopathic Medical treatments (symptom control), Complementary Medical treatments and therapies to avoid.


The author, John Coleman ND, recovered from stage 4 (H&Y scale) Parkinson's disease in 1998 after over three years hard research and work, and major life changes. His research and clinical experience since then have added invaluable knowledge to this volume that will be of immense help to both patients and practitioners.




  • This book explores the actual originating causes (aetiological pathways) that lead to the symptoms diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease.

  • It is written by someone who has experienced stage 4 Parkinson’s disease (Hoehn & Yahr scale – 127 on the UPDRS) and has reversed the illness process by utilising the strategies explained in his book.

  • The book contains information invaluable to both patients and practitioners.

  • This book can be used as a DIY reference for those who do not have access to an experienced and empathic practitioner, or as extra useful information for those working with a practitioner.

  • The information can complement the care given by Neurologists, GPs (PCPs), Naturopaths and other CAM practitioners.

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