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John Coleman

Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease is the first document to offer details of known aetiological pathways leading to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease together with strategies to reverse each aetiological pathway.


This work includes the best evidence from Western Allopathic Medicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine in discovering how and why People with Parkinson’s develop symptoms, the diagnostic process, standard treatments and prognoses offered by expert practitioners, and ongoing research into possibilities of “cure”.

The primary aim of the document is to present strategies that have been shown, clinically or in research, to improve the health of People with Parkinson’s, with the possibility of reversing all symptoms.


Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease is aimed primarily at People with Parkinson’s, families and supporters, but includes suggestions and advice for Western Allopathic Medicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine practitioners to enhance their care of patients with a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. This document may be used as a self-help book for those with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and includes advice on building a team of practitioners, or a handbook for practitioners wishing to move away from the standard conservative view of an “incurable” disease.

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Stop Parkin' and Start Livin'

Before “Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease” was published, this was the most complete book relating to helping yourself when diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or similar neurodegenerative or autoimmune disorders; written from personal experience after the author recovered from advanced Parkinson's disease and early-stage Multisystem Atrophy.

Topics discussed include the causes and development of Parkinson's disease, self-help, nutrition, remedies, therapies, medication and much more.

This is a handbook of strategies to help you or your loved one to begin the pathway back to ebullient health.




Shaky Past

This is John Coleman's autobiography - his fascinating life adventure, including diagnosis with advanced Parkinson's disease, his journey of discovery, and complete recovery.

In 1995, John felt that his life was ending. The symptoms of Parkinson's and Multisystem Atrophy were crippling and debilitating. His neurologists could only offer drug therapy that may reduce symptoms for a while, but gave no hope of improving health.

Through research, investigation, trial and error, John found a way back to a symptom-free life by mid 1998.

This is an adventure of enormous proportions, ranging from the depths of despair to the triumph of finding peace and happiness.

Available only as an eBook:

My Approach
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