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About the Author

By August 1995, John Coleman had lost his power of speech and was wondering how he could go on living.  Suffering symptoms of stage IV Parkinson’s disease and early-stage Multi-system Atrophy, diagnosed by five medical and complementary practitioners, he was unable to walk more than 5 metres without assistance, and took up to an hour and a half to dress himself.  Severely dissatisfied with the treatment and prognosis he received from western medical practitioners, John decided to pursue other pathways to health.  With the aid of Lifestyle changes (including food, supplements and exercise), Self-love, Laughter, Meditation, Homeopathy, Aqua Hydration Formulas, Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Flower Essences, Counselling, and Spiritual Development, John was completely symptom-free by April 1998.


Born of itinerant parents, John left school at 16 to work at a copper mine, spent many years in the music industry in various sales and marketing positions, then nine years as an operating theatre technician in large Melbourne hospitals.  John completed his Naturopathic studies in 1998 at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Camberwell (a suburb of Melbourne, Australia) after nineteen years of interrupted study. 

John was co-founder of Very Special Kids in 1984 (with his first wife, Nariida and the Good Family) following the death of his older son, Damian. Very Special Kids was wholly financed by these two families until late 1985. During 1985, John engaged the services of Sister Margaret Noone (the current Patron of Very Special Kids) and paid her salary until a grant from the Myer Foundation became available. Very Special Kids has grown to be a fabulous, unique family support organization based in Melbourne.

John was founder of the neuro recovery foundation in 2002. This organization was established to support those challenged with neurodegenerative or autoimmune disorders who sought to help themselves by exploring all options for treatment and better health. All initial funding was from John until donations at the inaugural meeting developed a small bank account. The neuro recovery foundation offered Pilates and Yoga classes for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, and helped fund research into homeopathic treatment for Parkinson’s disease until it was wound up in 2011.


John conducted fourteen Neuro Recovery Pathways Programmes at Petrea King’s Quest For Life Centre in NSW over a four-year period. These programs provided participants with information and encouragement to reverse their degenerative disorder and resume joyful good health. He has also conducted practitioner training and public lectures on recovery from challenging disorders in many states of Australia, USA, Germany, Austria and UK.


Since 2012, John’s practice has grown to include specialized treatment for Vector Borne Disorders (MSIDS/”Lyme”). He has conducted practitioner training seminars around Australia in CAM treatments for these infections.

2015 brought a new adventure, and John is now in recovery from stage 3 Bowel cancer while maintaining his active practice and research.

John experienced a “widow-maker” heart attack in October 2020 but beat the odds and is returning to optimal health. He believes that all his health challenges began in childhood (or before) and continues to redress the causes of health challenges rather than merely controlling symptoms.

John now conducts his Naturopathic Clinic in Lancefield while continuing to lecture and mentor health practitioners and members of the public about recovery from degenerative disorders and MSIDS.  His book, “Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’ – Reversing The Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease”, was published by Michelle Anderson in 2005 and has since been read in many countries. His autobiography, “Shaky Past”, was released in September 2012 as a paperback, and an eBook. His fourth book (the third is yet to be published) “RETHINKING PARKINSON’S DISEASE – the definitive guide to the known causes of Parkinson’s disease and proven reversal strategies” was released by Hybrid Publishers in October 2020.



  • Tattersall’s Award for work with Very Special Kids; 1985

  • Honorary life member, Victoria Flute Guild.

  • ANPA Award for Professional Excellence in Community Education; 2005

  • Finalist, Pride of Australia Medal – Courage Award; 2007

  • Fellowship Member ANPA; 2020

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