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Yes it is.

Food is our only source of energy. The chemicals resulting from digestion and absorption are used to create all our enzymes, hormones, tissue and organ regeneration, and neurotransmitters like dopamine and anandamide.

When we choose foods that are full of nutrients and compatible with our metabolism, our wellbeing is enhanced and illness symptoms diminish.

When we choose foods that are inflammatory, devoid of nutrition or positively toxic, we become increasingly unwell and our quality of life can diminish dramatically.

You may be surprised to know that some foods can even increase our risk of Parkinson’s and other very nasty diseases. For instance, animal dairy products (milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream) may increase the risk of Parkinson’s by up to 60% while also increasing the risk of osteoporosis, dementia and various cancers.

Grains like wheat, oats, rye, barley, rice, millet and sorghum all contain inflammatory lectins that may exacerbate illness symptoms and reduce our energy levels.

Sugar, refined foods and additives have been known as toxic substances for many years.

When considering drugs like coffee and tea (black, green and white), there is some argument because they do provide antioxidant activity. However, there are better sources of antioxidants (Rooibos tea, for instance and high-dose vitamin C which our brain really loves) and the caffeine and tannins in coffee and ordinary tea exacerbate the fight/flight/freeze response so causing symptoms and inhibiting healing.

The rather nebulous research allegedly showing that drinking coffee prevents Parkinson’s is about as valid as the earlier research allegedly showing that smoking cigarettes prevents Parkinson’s (and yes, that was serious research 40 years ago).

If you want to be well and live the best life possible, you MUST choose food and drink that will enhance energy and wellness while avoiding all those pseudo foods that cause illness.

That does not mean we have to forgo pleasure in food. There are hundreds of different delicious vegetables and fruits to choose from. Fish, organic chicken and lean, free-range red meat add variety to our diet while nuts and seeds are always a great snack.

In most societies now we can get coconut ice cream and yoghurt (delicious), coconut cheeses and a variety of lovely treats made with healthy ingredients.

We can choose habitual eating habits and put up with illness, or choose healthy foods and pursue wellness.

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