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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

When we are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, we are told that it is progressive, degenerative and irreversible.

We may be advised to “eat a good diet” with little or no detail, and to “stay active”. The most publicised charities and support organisations glibly say that Parkinson’s is “not a death sentence but a life sentence”.

My experience, both in my personal journey and in clinic, has shown me that very little of what we are told is accurate or even true. Parkinson’s does not have to be a “life sentence” nor is it necessarily “irreversible”.

Yes, Parkinson’s is progressive and degenerative if we do not intervene in the right way, but the degeneration CAN be reversed if we work hard and make the right choices.

Over 25 years of research and experience has shown me the major causes of the group of symptoms we call Parkinson’s disease and, once we understand causes, we can develop strategies to reverse or correct those causes.

There is no “cure” for Parkinson’s or any disease, but there are ways to become well. My life and my book, “Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease”, is an adventure in presenting the major causes of Parkinson’s disease and a variety of strategies (self-help and therapies) so that people diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and given the normal depressing prognosis, can take charge of their life and health and, with dedication and hard work, become well.

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