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Recovery from stage 4 Parkinson’s and early stage MSA

Many people on many forums have asked what I did to recover from stage 4 Parkinson’s

disease (PD) and early stage Multi System Atrophy (MSA).

The detailed story is told in “Shaky Past”, available as an eBook on Amazon for about $3.

The complete details of therapies and activities are in “Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease”, available from several sites online and in many libraries.

However, here are the basics. As an aside, even though I support the sensible use of low-dose levodopa drugs, I chose not to include them in my own journey.


· Trauma/Stress -I discovered that my descent into illness began at conception with a very stressed mother, abuse during childhood and very high stress in work and family.

· Ongoing stresses included a career in middle management, very ill child, my son’s death, being forced out of a charity I had helped create, loss of career, permanent night shift for three years.

· Toxic load – malnutrition as a baby, very poor-quality food in childhood and learned bad food habits (lots of animal milk and cheese, refined grains, sugar, over-cooked fats, coffee, tea, etc), garden sprays, leaded paints (Dad was a builder/handyman), work in a copper mine, work in a film processing factory, work in a hospital, heavy smoker for 43 years, binge drinker for 10 years.

· Infection – there was no indication that stealth infections were part of my aetiology, even though about 30% of those diagnosed with PD test positive for one or more infections.


· Saw psychologists, counsellors and dream therapists to deal with old trauma;

· Changed my relationships with family and others around me;

· Learned to love myself as a priority;

· Completely changed my food habits – eliminated animal dairy, grains, sugar and focused on lean meat/chicken, oily fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes;

· Avoided environmental, horticultural and domestic toxins;

· Meditated 2-3 times every day and joined a meditation group;

· Exercised in some way every day;

· Sang and “danced” (moved to music) every day;

· Took Aqua Hydration Formulas to help repair the HPA axis;

· Supplemented with C, magnesium, B complex daily, sometimes D3, zinc and E.

· Saw Craniosacral and/or Bowen therapists regularly;

· Worked with a homeopath and a variety of complementary medicine practitioners for support and advice;

· Kept a journal of symptoms and events around me that may have affected my wellbeing;

· Continued to work, study and be involved.

My journey was hesitant and uncertain (I had no precedents to study) but my journal showed me that I was slowly making progress.

Three years later I was free from symptoms and remain so unless I am foolish by working too hard (I am now 80 and still work full time), eat stupid food, inadvertently make contact with neurotoxins that may temporarily overwhelm my wellness (but I can detox) or allow myself to become stressed about matters that are not a priority (e.g politics, social nonsense). In these times, I develop a mild head or hand tremor that dissipates swiftly as soon as I get back on track.

This is not a restrictive life at all. I live well, eat lots of tasty food, have treats and am active in my work and community. But I live within the limits of my wellness and eschew most of the western habits of destructive foods and toxic lifestyle.

I hope this story is helpful.

John C Coleman, June 2023

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